Today, we all live in an age where technology, electronics, and computers are quintessential to most business and personal lifestyles. This is especially true in today's modern, high-paced, high-production, office environment.

When all of these digital wares are working correctly and efficiently, an office can get an enormous amount of work done.

However, when one or several of these devices experiences problems or simply can't keep up with upgraded demands, the negative results can be considerable.

We are A1 Rivoli, office equipment and computer service specialists. We are proud to be the premier Long Island, Nassau, and Western Suffolk area provider of these services.
Client Testimonial

"My network went down for the fourth time and I had been told by another company that they were still looking for a solution. Thanks to the pros at Rivoli, one quick visit brought immediate resolution to our problem."

-Brain G.

"I had waited until the office had accumulated a few downed machines before calling in A1: a copier, a printer, and 3 computers. In one afternoon, everything was fixed and running better than ever!

The technicians were clean, quick, and very understanding of our quiet office environment."

-Mary L.

"After realizing the dependability and responsive service of A1, our business has depended on no one else but A1 for 15 years to keep our business up-to-date and running as well or better than our competitors."

-John K.
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Repair Service Company in Nassau and Western Suffolk County

A1 Rivoli

Office and Computer Equipment Repair Services

Whether you have a problem with a home computer or an entire business network down, our mobile tech force will have you up and running as quickly as possible. We understand how important these systems are and what every minute down can mean for money and other losses.

Our experience in staying on top of user technologies began in 1935 with the birth of A1 Rivoli. Right from the start, our founders had a vision of helping keep businesses running in and around their community. A1 began providing sales and service for the Long Island area and soon found itself waste-deep in what we now know as the modern electronic, or computer age we know today. As others in the industry tried and failed, A1 held on and prospered. Our secret to success: make the customer number-one, and stay on top of the computer and electronics industry in real-time.

So here we are, as proud as ever to continue our lead in providing the computer and office equipment solutions that the real people in our very real community need and deserve. You, our loyal customers, are the reason for our success and we are endlessly thankful and humbled.

So what specific services do we provide? Great question – if it involves business or personal computers, network servers, printers, or office equipment of any kind, we can help you.

Computer and Network Services

Our experienced service technicians are equipped to handle just about any computer or network issues. Mac, Apple, Windows, PC, and even obscure computer systems are our specialty. We can upgrade, repair, and replace hardware if need-be. We can also go deep into any computer and eradicate viruses, system errors, advanced configuration issues, and much more.

Networks are also no problem. From the basic, home network, to the most advanced office networking systems, we have the tools and knowledge to correct any problem and optimize your system to the best possible operational parameters. There is no network or computer issue too large or small for our dedicated and highly trained team.

Office Equipment Services

At A1, we understand that computers and networks are only a portion of the highly operative, modern office environment. Printers, modems, fax machines, copy machines, communication hubs, office wiring layouts, and even older wares such as the typewriter all have their place in the office, and in our capability range. Whether any of these kinds of devices have an internal problem, or an external one, we will promptly diagnose and correct any issue.

Upgrades and System Changes

In today's high-paced world of business operation, many establishments will, at times, realize the need to upgrade or make sweeping changes in office equipment, computer systems, and the setup and operation of both. As the area leaders in cutting-edge, modern, industry capability, we are your accomplished and trustworthy source for such consultation and action. We know exactly how to get your business' equipment and computer systems setup in cutting-edge symphony.

We Are Here For You!

No matter what your area of concern may be, we can get you to where you need to be. Don't be afraid of upgrades or sub-par techs working on your valuable equipment. Don't allow network problems to slow down your business. We can have you running at optimum capacity, making sure your business or lifestyle never gets behind the times. If the technology is out there, we have access to it.

Our confidence and dedication to you is reflected in our complete warranty of all services. Unlike many of our competitors, if we make a mistake, it's on us, not you. Choose what is the most convenient for you - mobile service where we come to you, or stop by our shop.

Since 1935, we have provided the Long island area with ultramodern solutions for all types of office equipment and computer needs. Give us a call today and experience the difference. We also provide competitive, on-going, service agreements for those seeking continuous service coverage; ask a representative for more details.

Thank you for visiting A1 Rivoli. Please contact us, we are at your service!
Computer Repairs in Nassau County
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