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We know how important it is for your computer to run perfectly all the time. The last thing you need is for some sort of computer issue to slow you down or prevent you from accessing certain features.

At A1 Rivoli, we are dedicated to offering computer repairs for your machine throughout Nassau County and Western Suffolk County.

Your computer is your life. You do all sorts of things on it. You might do various projects for work or you may just use it to surf the Internet and check your email. It doesn’t really matter what you do on it. If it’s not working the way you want it to, that’s a problem.

Rest assured that we can fix the problem so you can go back to doing whatever it is you do on your computer.
Client Testimonial

“I use my computer all day long because I’m a graphic designer. Over the past few weeks, I saw my computer slowing down and my programs would stop working.

I thought I was going to have to buy a new computer, which was an expense I couldn’t really afford.

I decided to call A1 Rivoli and they were able to come out fast so that I didn’t have to wait around forever.

They were able to diagnose the problem almost instantly and made the repairs. Now my computer runs faster than it ever did in the past, plus I don’t have to buy a new computer.

They saved me a fortune and now I have a better machine for graphic design.”

-N. Furman
Garden City
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Regardless of whether it’s your home or business computer, you need it back up and running fast. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, we have technicians that are trained to fix the problem. We are prompt, too, which means you won’t have to wait long for one of our technicians to come out and fix the problem.

We have over 30 years of experience with computer repair services. If something has gone wrong in the past, we have seen it and we know how to make the repairs. Computers have evolved significantly over the years and we have evolved our knowledge over the years as well being able to provide you with the necessary skill level you demand.

Desktops and laptops alike need attention. You shouldn’t have to deal with a computer that isn’t working or not working up to par. It may be a hardware or software issue. If you’re not happy with the performance of your computer, then there’s no need to keep putting it off. All it takes is one phone call to our technicians so we can get out to you and solve the problem.

You don’t want to rely on just any company for computer repairs. Many companies rely on repeat business – we work on referrals. While we would love for you to contact us again if something else should go wrong with your computer or network, we want to fix the initial problem the first time around. Other repair companies create a temporary fix so you will be back to them in a short amount of time.
Computer repair services are our specialty! Our most junior computer technician in Nassau County has over 30 years of computer servicing experience. We know how to diagnose a problem quickly and effectively so that we can begin to understand what is wrong. Our goal is to get your computer back up and running so that it’s as good as new. We have also been able to make recommendations to past customers to help them improve the performance of their computer so that it runs better than the first day they had it.

Top Computer Technicians in Nassau County

  • Toshiba
  • IBM
  • Alienware
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Gateway
  • Acer
If your business is in Nassau County or Western Suffolk County, we offer computer maintenance plans so you never have to worry about equipment going down. When you have a maintenance plan on your computer, it will often prevent future service issues so you never have down-time.
Computer Equipment Maintenance Plans
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For Nassau Computer Repairs in Nassau and Western Suffolk counties, contact the experts at A1 Rivoli. When you need your computer repaired, let A1 Rivoli handle it for you. We offer prompt service and an optional pickup and drop off service. Call today!
Nassau Computer Repairs
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We have fixed issues internally, including memory shortage, viruses, and other problems. You may have deleted files and needed them back after they were long gone.

It amazes our clients what we are able to do and what we can find on their computers.

We have also been able to fix issues externally. You may need a new keyboard or a new screen. Computers are being built more rugged every day, but that doesn’t stop issues from happening to them.

When you have an issue, it’s important to know who you can call. A1 Rivoli has the experienced technicians you need to be able to provide a rapid fix without charging you a significant amount of money.
Your computer is likely one of the most important things in your world. We get that. We also want to help you get the most out of your computer. When it’s slow, it can cause you stress. When it’s broken, it can cause you to miss deadlines. There’s no reason for any of this because, 9 times out of 10, the problem that you are experiencing is completely fixable.

Our years of experience have equipped us to provide you with excellent customer service. You don’t have to get frustrated with your computer when you can’t figure something out. You don’t have to be a computer expert – that’s what we are here for. We will happily go over the problem with you so you know what the cause was and how to prevent it in the future.

If something broke, you want it fixed. It's that simple. We will work with you on the repairs so you know what each line item is on your bill. We will also provide you with a full quote of the costs before we get started so you don’t experience any surprises when we hand over the bill.

We can fix any brand of computer including:
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