Employee Time Clock Repairs and Maintenance Plans

It is important for both you and your employees that time clocks are functioning properly. A worn out or malfunctioning time clock can cause issues with hours and with wages. It is a headache for your employees, payroll and ultimately you.

A time clock is intended to make tasks easier and when they are reliable and running correctly, they definitely do. But it is not easy when you have to check and double-check the work of a machine each day or each week. Don't let yourself be inconvenienced by your employee time clock.

A1 Rivoli provides reliable and affordable employee time clock repairs in Nassau County. Time clocks are an important part of any modern business or company.
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Employee Time Clock Repairs

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Employee Time Clock Repairs
Generally, they will last a long while without a hitch, but they have a lot of parts and they will eventually wear out with age. A new time clock can be very pricey. Often a repair is more cost effective than a replacement and can get many more years out of your machine before you actually need a new one.

Our employee time clock repairs will fit into your budget and they are guaranteed.

A professional A1 Rivoli time clock repair technician can completely refurbish an old time clock no matter what issue or issues it is having. We work quickly and reliably with all of the necessary tools, parts and supplies in order to get the job done. With us, you will not have to go an extended period of time with no time clock. We will service both older and newer models from the most basic time clocks to today's most advanced computerized models.

Our technicians are knowledgeable about all of the major brands like:

  • Acroprint
  • HandPunch
  • Icon
  • Lantham
  • And many more!

You may have already trusted us with your other office equipment repairs and you can leave your time clock repair up to us as well. Here at A1 Rivoli we rely heavily on referrals because when we repair anything it lasts. None of our repairs are just temporary fixes and we understand the importance of your time clock in keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Common Causes of Time Clock Failure

There are many different reasons that an employee time clock may begin having issues. Depending upon the model it could be a really easy fix like replacing the battery. It could also be a problem with the motor, worn wheels, keys, dial plates or any number of other parts. With newer models it could be a software or wiring issue. Older employee time clocks are much more likely to need repairs because use over the years eventually causes wear and tear on the many mechanical internal parts. Even older time clocks are surprisingly complex inside.

A time clock should be a cost effective investment to track employee attendance and boost productivity. Many have auto-totaling options and other time-saving, automated features. They should always provide accurate attendance data, newer models will even measure up to the second. If any of these features starts working improperly there can be a number of troublesome repercussions.

We have an extensive supply of all of these parts that commonly experience wear, along with batteries and motors. Our technicians are also familiar with the latest software of the most up-to-date machines. We will quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and then take the necessary steps to repair it to minimize the time you are without your valuable machine. It is an essential part of your business.

Time Clock Maintenance Plans

Especially if you have an older employee time clock you may want to consider one of our great maintenance plans. One of our experienced technicians will periodically check on your time clock and all of its hard-working parts at periodic intervals throughout the year that are right for you. This can help you avoid repairs entirely and ensure that you do not have any time clock downtime at all. You will be able to rest easy knowing your time clock is reliable and always taken care of. A regularly maintained employee time clock will last for many years. Ask us about pricing for your business.

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If you are having any issues with your time clock or your business utilizes an employee time clock at all, you should give us a call. A1 Rivoli gladly provides a free estimate for any employee time clock repairs and a time clock repair technician can answer any questions you may have. All of our services are prompt and we also offer pick up and drop off for your convenience.

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