Sharp is a long-lived electronics and office equipment manufacturer. Sharp printers are one of the biggest slices of the Sharp office-world. Many Sharp printers and copiers are an excellent commodity, running into few problems. Other models however can develop a number of difficulties.

Authorized Sharp Equipment Repairs

Thank you for stopping by. If you are looking for dependable, yet affordable computer and office equipment repair, you have come to the right place. At A1, our mission is to provide you with exactly that, affordability and expert quality, every step of the way.

And as yet another perk to our valued customers, we are proud to be an official Sharp authorized repair provider. Logo
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repair services
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Sharp Authorized Repairs in Nassau County

Sharp Authorized Repair Service

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Sharp Authorized Repairs
  • This means that Sharp recognizes our quality service methods and deep understanding of every office product they manufacture.

How do we do it? It’s about education and training at the deepest levels. Not only do our service technicians have highly decisive backgrounds in the trade, but they also routinely subscribe to ongoing education efforts. In an industry that can change by the minute, you need up-to-the-minute expertise. This is how we are able to maintain our coveted status as a Sharp authorized repair provider, as well as an authorized repair provider for many other key office equipment and computer manufacturers.

Sharp Printer and Copier Repairs

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Established 1935
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Sharp Printer Repairs
We specialize in all Sharp printers and copiers, and can provide you with the very best Sharp printer service available. Whether your model is finicky, common, rare, or even outdated, if it’s Sharp, we know it as well as Sharp does. No printer or copier problem is too in-depth or too small for us to handle.

  •    Printer cables
  •    Port damage
  •    Paper jams and misfeeds
  •    Freeze-ups
  •    Ink leaks and ink quantity problems
  •    Broken hardware
  •    Communication issues
  •    Fax, scan, copy problems
  •    And any other frustration you would like addressed
So, how does our service work exactly? In short, it revolves around you and your needs, not ours. If you need a prompt home or office visit, we’ll be there. If drop-off and pick-up is better, let us know. We know how integral the ability to print can be. That’s why time, place, and repair options depend on your own specific needs. Your needs are our needs.

Another promise we offer is the fastest turnaround times possible. Our common-sense inventory system and Sharp printer repair methods assure you of absolute minimal downtime. In addition, we only use Sharp authorized parts and repair practices. Don’t gamble on the other guys. With us, you know that no matter your need, your resolution is not some long, drawn-out ordeal.

Free Consultation

We are not a one-size-fits-all repair company. We service large and small jobs, sizable corporate settings, small offices, home setups, and any other venue that our customers may call us to help with. Our goals are simple. Provide our customers with the very best service available. Why spend buckets of money advertising when, if you provide outstanding service, your advertising is done for you? That’s our stand and we believe that is what sets us apart as an industry leader in all of your office equipment needs. Whether it’s a crucial Sharp printer repair, or a down PC, we’ve got you covered.

And as one more extension of our basic company mission, we always provide no-obligation, free consultations. Giving you a much-needed, professional opinion should never be a chargeable offense! If you need reliable and affordable, Sharp printer service, or any other office equipment service, give us a call today. It’s free.
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