As an authorized Toshiba repair service, Nassau Computer Repairs team is highly specialized in the repair and maintenance of various Toshiba products. This includes Toshiba's latest products like the Toshiba Satellite Radius, which includes a touch 14" screen display with Bluetooth compatibility and HDMI output with 4k Ultra HD for viewing your favorite shows and movies in large screen. Nassau Computer Repairs also services the eStudioTM5560C/6560C/6570C, Toshiba's latest series of multifunction copier products, which boasts speeds up to 65 pages per minute and exceptional image quality and security features.

Surveillance cameras are important for both residential and commercial property. Nassau Computer Repairs can perform regular maintenance and repairs to help keep your equipment in pristine working order, so it maintains its performance and durability for years to come.

Toshiba Software Increases Productivity

Toshiba equipment relies on both hardware and software to perform its function. The proper software helps ensure the equipment integrates well with a variety of distribution software, document management and network and device security software. Nassau Computer Repairs experts are highly skilled and trained in fully integrating computer systems for functional office equipment. Technicians can assist with the proper integration of your system for optimal use of software and hardware.

In the event a system malfunctions or repairs are needed, Nassau Computer repairs can perform a free diagnostic onsite or at the business. Free pickup and delivery are also available.

Why Choose Nassau Computer Repairs

Toshiba offers quality products, which means, with proper care, they can last for years to come. Nassau Computer Repairs has been servicing computer equipment since 1935, so residents and businesses that rely on older equipment can rest assured that technicians are familiar with the mechanics and repair of their product. On the other hand, customers who prefer modern Toshiba products can be confident in the knowledge that technicians also remain up to date in the maintenance and repair of newer Toshiba products for quality repairs as well.

Nassau Computer Repairs pride themselves on providing A1 computer repairs at cost effective prices, which provides an advantage over competitors. And with Nassau Computer Repairs annual maintenance contract, customers can keep their Toshiba products from downtime, so more revenue stays in as opposed to going out, another good reason to choose Nassau Computer Repairs for Toshiba Repair Service in Nassau County NY.

Other Toshiba Products

Toshiba offers a complete line of consumer and business products to keep the home or office running smoothly. For fun and ease of note taking around the house or on the job, Toshiba offers the world's largest Windows tablet, which features powerful computing capability along with a fine-tip, digitizer pen so users can draw and send colorful pictures, sketch or take notes wherever and whenever they'd like. For individuals with large storage needs, Toshiba's line of external hard drives, which includes the 5 TB Canvio Desktop Hard Drive and the 500 GB Canvio Connect II Portable Hard Drive, sleek design is just perfect for the home or office. Toshiba's external hard drives are noted for their high storage yet compact design and speedy file transfer performance for large media files. Consult with an expert technician at Nassau Computer Repairs about installing an external hard drive on your computer for greater storage and faster large file transfer.

Nassau Computer Repairs provides response times, which customers have come to appreciate. This not only helps businesses get back on track but also eliminates profit loss and frustration associated with decreased productivity. To keep Toshiba Multifunction copiers, laptops, desktops, fax, scanners and more fully functioning, contact Nassau Computer Repairs for Toshiba repairs as soon as there is a problem.

A Maintenance Contract Avoids Unnecessary Repairs

Though many repairs are often minor, an annual maintenance contract helps ensure that small problems don't turn into bigger problems later on. During the maintenance contract, a technician will perform labor and repairs according to the terms of the agreement, which the technician will discuss before service. Therefore, it is important to review the terms of the agreement to avoid misunderstandings later. Once the technician has performed a diagnostic, they will repair the equipment according to the agreement. For major repairs, the technician will explain the issue in detail, as well all parts and labor required to correct the issue. If there are inquiries, Nassau Computer Repairs staff will be happy to help.

Nassau Computer Repairs look forward to providing more information about the annual maintenance contract for Toshiba service by phone or submit the contract submission form. For fast, time-tested Toshiba equipment repairs, select Nassau Computer Repairs.

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Nassau Computer Repairs decades of experience, helps ensure that residents of Suffolk and Nassau counties receive excellent service and quality repairs. Nassau Computer Repairs specializes in both commercial and residential Toshiba equipment repairs.

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Toshiba is one of the leading companies of high-technology brands. They specialize in advanced electronics and solutions that enhance the office, healthcare industry, and home environments. Toshiba is most notable for its laptops, tablets, electronic components, communication systems, medical diagnostic imaging equipment and more.

Nassau Computer Repairs is an authorized Toshiba Repair Service in Nassau County NY and has been specializing in computer repairs in Suffolk and Nassau counties for more than 50 years.
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